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Why We Exist

WholesomeJamaica.com and JamaicanProductsUSA.com is now JamaicanProducts.com!

Did you know that seven out of ten "Jamaica" branded products on the market are not actually from Jamaica?

Wholesome Jamaica started in 2013 in the hearts and minds of two Jamaicans living in the US, who discovered when shopping for the flavorful and wholesome foods and ingredients they enjoyed back home, that the majority of the "Jamaica" branded products on the market were not actually produced in Jamaica. Jamaica was on the label, but not in the package! 

Wholesome Jamaica! was born. We  are a Social Enterprise on a mission to leverage the power of the Internet to find lovers of Jamaican Food everywhere (and maybe create some new ones;) in order to increase the awareness, demand and ease of access to,  truly genuine PRODUCT OF JAMAICA foods. 

But this is not just about food. As a social enterprise, we are driven by a larger vision. A vision to harness the purchasing power of Jamaican immigrants, tourists and enthusiasts worldwide to: support Jamaican agro-businesses, bolster farming, create jobs and outpace food imports with food exports; ALL by expanding the market for authentic Product of Jamaica foods.  So the next time you shop for Jamaican food products, check the label and BUY PRODUCT OF JAMAICA!

Over the years we have expanded to include products from other Caribbean Islands and  favorites requests from our customers. We've also rebranded from WholesomeJamaica.com to JamaicanProducts.  However  we are still the largest online marketplace for Product of Jamaica foods and goods.

See the vision. Share the dream. Taste the real Jamaica.

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